Victor Ching Yee an Academic Advisor and Chess Instructor

Victor C. Yee Blog Post

Victor C Yee

Being an academic advisor is not that easy, you need to be knowledgeable and patient enough to be a successful educator. A successful educator is someone who really made an impact to their students when it comes to education and even to good moral values. However, being an instructor in chess is also not that easy. You need to make sure that all the things that you have shared to your students will really make them one of the best or even the very best chess player worldwide.

Victor Ching Yee or also known as Victor Yee is an academic advisor in Arizona and also one of the best chess instructor you can have. Victor took the course Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics in the University of Arizona and graduated in the year 2012. While in the year 2013, he mastered education with the use of the program named Teach Arizona M.Ed. Because of the outstanding educational background of Victor Ching Yee, he had experienced teaching in different kinds of subjects such as mathematics, economics, history and many more.

Victor C Yee

Furthermore, all his experiences being an academic advisor gave him the best opportunity to work with the different kinds of people, and because of it he gained a wide understanding and perspective from different cultures and backgrounds of socioeconomic. Victor Ching Yee are also working with potential students of pre-business who seeks admission into professional program at Eller’s College of Management in the University of Arizona.

Additionally, he is also a contractor which is independent in the Arizona Chess for Schools. He was hired by them to teach at different elementary schools in the city of Arizona. Aside from teaching them, Victor Yee also provides a high quality of training and instruction to motivate all his students to win their every game. Due to his talent in teaching his students in playing their every chess game professionally, most of them recently won the championship state competition.

Being an academic advisor and chess instructor has allowed Victor Ching Yee to develop a very strong monitoring, communication and interpersonal skills which really helped him in interacting with other people. Victor Ching Yee is indeed one of the greatest chess instructor and academic advisor you can have. Because of his educational backgrounds, experiences and good reputation, he will surely be a great help for you if you want to excel in your class and to be one of the best chess player in the world.