Frank Weglarz as a Project Estimator

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Aside from his capabilities being a professional insurance agent, Frank Weglarz who is based in Greater Chicago Area is now currently working as a Project Estimator in a prominent company that is located at Arlington Heights. Apart from insurance agent, project estimator is also his specialization. Since 2003, he has dedicated himself to work as an HVAC man at Heating Company not just within the Arlington Heights area, but also outside the place for proper maintenance. He finished his college degree in Augustina College where he completed his BA Finance in 2006.

The football team in his school awarded him as a letter winner, and that is one of the greatest achievement he accomplished while in his college years. Other than that, Frank Weglarz is also an honored member of Track and Field team of Augustina College for 3 years. Indeed, he is the Student Director of Dance Marathon for U of I Children’s Hospital as well as assisted in overseeing and running rush process of the six chapters of his fraternity. Frank Weglarz is very active when it comes to sports, as he took part in certain kind of organization. He became the Delta Omega Nu Social Chair in 2005-2006.

As a project estimator, he addresses HVAC solutions like hot water and he has also expertise in tank less system for hot water. Being a diligent, hardworking person and with the use of his leadership competencies, Frank Weglarz was successfully able to manage his job with ultimate supervision. With all of his accomplishments in career and life, he is such an epitome illustration of a career man. In terms of HVAC structure, Frank Weglarz’ competence enables him to effectively handle sales. Several people have already benefited from his excellent job with affordable and reliable solutions.

Since he began working, there are no issues or problems that have arises. It is Frank’s natural skills and eagerness to work in order to achieve and be the ideal professional man that he was right now. From being an insurance agent and now as a project estimator, he helped numerous people using his skills and abilities. With expertise and professionalism in project estimator, Frank Weglarz helps individuals around the Greater Chicago Area.

His passion in serving people continues him to become successful in his taken endeavor while enhancing his skills and knowledge to transport better performance. As a knowledgeable and skillful, the industry truly needs a dedicated and role model leader like Frank Weglarz.