Benistar Goals: Superior Service

Benistar Administrative services
Benistar was established in the year 1978. It is a well-recognized company in terms of administration, design and installation in the post 65 groups of retiree benefits in terms of medical purposes. They focus on the retiree medical administration as well as in the drug prescription plans. They have been working with a number of brokers and consultants in order to provide them the necessary drug prescription solutions as well as the retiree medical plans for a number of organizations and companies in the nation. Benistar also provides retirement administration and plans to more than 400 different sponsors around the United States. They are administering $100 million worth of premiums every year.

Benistar works with the high rated and most reputable carriers of insurance in order to provide the seniors with the medical program that they need. Their medical plans have a good coordination with Medicare to give the unified coverage of amount that people can get when the time comes that they will reach the retirement age.

The features of their programs include the following:

Benistar Benefits– A guaranteed issue that doesn’t have exclusion for existing conditions
– A full insurance that can cap the health liability of the retiree with its insurance plan
– Retirees can choose the doctors that they want as long as they are accepting patients that are under the Medicare program.
– They have a nationwide coverage that is available in 50 states
– A spousal coverage if the and individual is aging 65 years old and he is enrolled in the Medicare program Part A and B.
They have a flexible plan design in order to eliminate and adjust the deductibles and co-pays of Medicare
– They have an electronic process of claiming with no paperwork for the retirees
– They also have an electronic enrollment where there is no need to have an individual application
– Customer service unit is mainly focused on the retiree’s administration of medical plans as well as in the prescribe drug plans. They are active and very friendly in assisting the retirees by not rushing them to turn the phone off so that they will feel comfortable.

Because of the high quality service that Benistar offers in term of medical retiree planning, they have earned the trust of a lot of people. Their expertise and experiences have made them reach where they are now today.

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